It’s time for Broad Street

I’m not sure if any of you are from the Philadelphia area, but I live right outside of it. For the past three years now, every February and then every May I hear about this highly sought-after race called the Broad Street Run. It’s a simple 10-mile through downtown/ historical Philly. Why is this race so sought after, you ask? Because they handle it in a unique way – each February, approximately 2-3 months prior to the race day, they hold a week-long sign up for the lottery. This is no ordinary first come, first serve race. You have one week to enter your name into the running lottery and then shortly thereafter you are notified if you are one of the lucky ones CHOSEN to have the PRIVILEGE to run.

Now, every year I forget this race exists and every year I forget to enter the lottery. Seems silly because in comparison to a marathon, 10-mile should not intimidate me. So, this year for the first time since moving to the suburbs of Philadelphia, I am entering the lottery and you should too!!

–> LINK :

To any of you who do decide to enter – Good Luck! Wish me luck as well 🙂


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