It’s six am on Friday morning, what is going through your head? Doubt? Desire to go back to sleep? OR motivation to kick start your day with a fantastic workout to push you one step closer towards your 2017 New Years resolution of getting more fit!?

I know many of you probably related more with the first two, but I’m here to tell you why it is beneficial for you to begin changing your thought pattern to relate more to the final idea in order to see more results.

Progress is mental. Success is mental. Physical strength and endurance can even be mental! It’s. All. In. Your. Head! (Which is both a good thing and a bad thing). It’s all in your head, so therefore YOU are the one in control. BUT… it’s all in your head, therefore if you do not have a strong grasp on your own self thoughts, this is not going to be an easy feat.

When I began training for my first marathon, whenever I hit a wall during a workout I immediately thought it was because my body was not in shape enough to handle what I had hoped to achieve that day. It took until my 15 mile long run to realize that what was actually happening was if I told myself I could run 15 miles, I ran 15 miles. If I doubted myself and thought 11 would be the furthest I could go that day, wouldn’t you know – that’s how far I would go.

Working out can be such a mental game to play with yourself. Starting with the mental game of whether or not you are feeling up for and motivated to workout in the morning. DO IT! WAKE UP and get your butt into some workout clothes and get to a gym or outside for a run. There is no greater feeling of accomplishment to start your final day of the work week off with then overcoming your mental doubt and doing something physical. Get those endorphin’s flowing and start your FRIYAY off right!



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