Make Fitness FUN

Nothing is worse for motivation than fitness being perceived as a chore. The real question is, why do we make fitness a chore? When you were a child, what did you do for fun with your friends? Let me guess some answers include — going outside, playing basketball (maybe a little friendly competition through HORSE?), playing hide and seek, competing in a riveting game of tag or maybe just running around through a local playground. Our idea of fun with friends was fitness, we just never recognized it as such. So why did things change? Why did growing up mean fitness had to become monotonously running on a treadmill while listening to the same playlist day after day? The truth is – IT didn’t change, our MINDSET changed! And we can change it back!!

Earlier this month, I took a weekend trip to Tampa, FL to visit some friends from college. A mere two days before my plane took off, my one friend sent me a Facebook message with a link and a text saying “want to do a 5K fun run this weekend??” And wouldn’t you know – the link was to the Insane Inflatable 5K! A race I have wanted to do for months now, but never found anyone who had the same mindset that a 5K could actually be fun. So, we did it! And boy did I feel like a kid again!

Nothing is quite as exhilarating and hilarious as a bunch of grown adults flopping around endless inflatable obstacle courses. I must admit – the kids present were much more coordinated than us, but it was clear that we were having a heck of a lot more fun! Why is that?Because as adults, this isn’t the normal. We don’t typically run around for fun through obstacle courses. We don’t get to act silly and wacky on a regular basis anymore, life has gotten in the way. Then on this day, for a mere hour, we were allowed to be kids again. We were allowed to be silly and ridiculous and have the time of our lives.

What I want you all to take away from this is that this does not have to be a rare occurrence. This could be the normal instead of the abnormal. Find something active you love doing and make fitness fun again!


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