Mission Accomplished!

A little under six months ago, I set out on a journey to compete and complete my first ever Marathon race in Philadelphia. This past six months has been a whirlwind of pain, endurance, and dedication and this weekend it all paid off! I have officially completed the Philadelphia 2016 Marathon and now get to rock the title of MARATHON FINISHER!


I must say, running a marathon is no joke. Yes, there are months and months of training that go into completing one successfully and yes, I did that. However, it is not until you get on that course and run those full 26.2 miles that you truly understand what it all means and what it truly takes. Running a marathon is complete and utter self-control. It means having 100% control over your self-thought, your self-doubt, and your self-confidence. It means ignoring everyone around you that’s slowly giving up and walking or saying they can’t do it, and continuing to remind your mind and body that you can in fact make it across that finish line.  And with that control, you make it across the finish line and feel more pride in yourself than you could ever imagine!


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