Love > Shame 

Step 6 in Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas’s Training Jounral – Body Image and Respecting Yourself

I am not going to lie to you all and preach at you that I am some perfect human who has never once shamed herself or her body. If I told you that or pretended that was even slightly true, I would be doing a disservice to myself and to you all, as are each of you if you are not admitting to the fact that in your past you have shamed your body.

Body shaming is not something to deny happened or something to be ashamed of admitting happened, but something to admit, embrace and move through and forward on from. It’s something that many people can relate to and have experienced before. It makes us human, just like a lot of the faults I have talked about previously, but it means we have something to work on. It means it is time to admit to these negative thoughts and work towards conquering them. If you can get control of your mind and diminish these negative thoughts – you can do almost anything!

This isn’t easy and this isn’t fun. It’s hard work! But it’s worth it, 100%.

Speaking from personal experience, no more than six months ago I loathed my body. I thought I was overweight, flabby, disgusting and unlovable. I thought the reason people kept walking away from me was because of my appearance. I thought I was pushing people away because of my thickening arms and cellulite-covered legs. Then one day, instead of staring at my image in the mirror and telling myself all the things that were wrong with my body, I stopped. I turned around, grabbed my workout gear and got my butt to the gym. Day by day I reminded myself that hating my body was going to do nothing for me. Hating my body was not going to make my arms get toned or eliminate the cellulite from my legs. The only way I was going to see progress was if I took action. And that day, six months ago – I did exactly that. I threw on my workout clothes, tied up my sneakers and ran. Now, I’ve been running ever since and I am starting to feel wonderfully about my body. (Key word – STARTING).

Six months have gone by in which I have been working out on average 5 or 6 days a week and I’m still not 100% in love with my body. But hey – I’m loving myself and my body 100X more than I was six months ago when I was doing nothing but hating on my reflection. I’m not saying start running today and it will fix all your problems. What I’m saying is – start working now so that you can begin your journey towards loving your body, because in order to change your thoughts, you need to change your actions.



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