Just keep running… Just keep running… 

After almost six months of working out on a regular basis, utilizing my anger-driven fitness desire to it’s fullest potential, and pushing through a multitude of obstacles that threatened to derail my newfound love of healthy living… I can honestly say that I have grown significantly as an individual and as a fitness-focused woman. I no longer have hate in my heart for the man who crushed me and I have made significant strides in eliminating my hate for my body. Like I said last time – I’m human, I can’t say it’s 100% gone, yet!

This past six months has been a journey unlike any other. A journey that focused on me for once. A journey that put my health and wellness above all else. A journey that taught me strength, dedication, and determination in the gym and beyond. And finally, a journey that has only just begun.

A few short weeks ago, I began my official training for the 2016 Philadelphia Marathon. A few short weeks ago I vowed to myself that I would stick to my program, do what my plan told me to the best of my ability, and cross that finish line on November 20th. This is a vow I intend to keep and a promise to myself that means the world to me. Years ago, I told myself I would complete a marathon (26.2miles) before I turned 25. In March 2017… I will celebrate my 25th birthday and I will be doing so as a Marathon Runner!


Must give credit where credit is due – this is the lovely and informative book I have utilized to formulate and follow my first ever marathon training plan.



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