Anger Fueled Life Changes….

When life throws a wrench at you, do you duck and run away or catch that wrench and use it to spruce up your next door? In the past, I’ve ducked and ran, but not anymore. This time I caught my wrench and I’m sprucing up the next door perfectly before opening it.

Let me guess, you’re thinking, “what the heck is this girl talking about?”… That’s understandable. Well, let me explain…

Two days ago I experienced an unexpected break up. Did I cry and cower in the corner for a few hours? Of course! I’m only human! I was heartbroken… until it hit me… If there’s one thing that fuels me more than anything, it’s knowing that somebody has more control over my emotions than I do and I was not alright with allowing him to have that control. So, I changed my tune and did some research for break up advice on the internet, because who doesn’t Google an answer for everything these days? As silly as it sounds… it worked! The best advice I read was to use your emotions after a breakup to kick start a completely new workout routine, especially if that routine is anger driven…


Anger Driven Workouts ROCK! If you don’t trust me, next time your hate fire is flaring up.. grab your gym bag and hit the punching bag… because you’re about to KICK BUTT!


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